Listen in! Here's what the students are saying about their experience at Columbia Guitar Studio. 
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Stella Fayer

Just a Dream

I came to David without a hope or agenda. Just with a dream. I thought it was too late for me to learn. Yet here I am, nearly two years later, practicing musical pieces stemming from all over the globe. Thank you, David, for all your enthusiasm, patience, and undying love for your art, that we, your students, undoubtedly feel. -Stella

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Minzhuan Gong

Patient teacher


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Mike McDonald

Good Therapy

My daughter has been taking lessons for a while and I have always wanted to learn to play. I thought the opportunity may have passed me by but I talked to David and he encouraged me to give it a try. So glad I did. I am enjoying learning to play and find my practice times and my lessons to be therapeutic. -Mike McDonald

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Jason Robbins

Extremely Knowledgeable, Patient, and Approachable

David is an excellent guitar teacher. He's really down to earth, and very easy to get along with. The lessons go in the direction you want them to go. but still remain structured in regard to learn¬ing. If you're a blues guitarist and that's what you want to learn, he'll work with you. The same goes for classical guitar, metal, and so on. He caters to the individual students' mindset, and it makes for a pretty enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.

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David Barbato

Excellent Quality

I had played guitar for a long time and was largely self taught, so my technique was all over the map. David Reynolds (the owner) worked with me to cover all the basics and fill in the gaps in my knowledge so I could truly progress as a guitarist. He is extremely knowledgeable yet approachable, patient, and willing to help people who truly want to learn to play pretty much any style of guitar by meeting them where they are and guiding them to where they want to go. I recommend Columbia Guitar Studio to anyone at any level, from absolute beginner to conservatory graduate who wants to improve on the guitar.

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Katrina Mitchell-Cooper

Great for Young Children

We have taken our daughter to Columbia Guitar Studio for instruction for the last two years. David has provided a great learning environment for our child. She feels completely comfortable with her instruction and is extremely comfortable playing in front of audiences thanks to the mandatory recitals. We would highly recommend Columbia Guitar Studio for your guitar instructional needs.

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Lisa Columbia

Motivating My 12 Year Old Son

David's approach to teaching and coaching has worked well to motivate my 12-yr old son. David knows his ability and potential and has successfully encouraged him to stretch himself. I can't believe the progress my son's made - the music he's playing - after just over a year of lessons! Lisa Columbia

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