Banjo, Mandolin and Ukulele Lessons

Traditional American American instruments have a special place in out hearts at CGS. A world of traditional American music awaits those who aspire to play it. The strong environment of technique, musicianship, and broad repertoire that makes our guitar community strong is carried into the world of banjo, mandolin and ukulele. 


Ukulele is a popular option for young people wanting a different path than traditional guitar lessons but who still want to gain technical and note-reading skills.

Banjo players thrive at CGS. We offer lessons in Scruggs-style, Melodic-style as well as Frailing (drop-thumb) technique. 

Mandolin players find their place in the bluegrass line up working on both notes and chords.

      • Note reading and tab
      • Rhythm and solo playing

      Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin

      Technique, Note-reading and music

      All Genres

      Everything from Maine to Maui

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