Our Students

Students are the most important piece to the success of Columbia Guitar Studio. We have watched young kids at small as six years old become amazing guitarists.  We see teenagers with the rock star dream smile from ear to ear as they learn their first bar chord, and nothing is better than seeing a sixty year old grand mother decide that it was her time to learn how to play. Every student has their own path and its my job to make sure we find it and work really hard to get down it the right way.

Student Recitals

Hard work has its rewards.  Our student recitals are a great way to see all of those hours of practice pay off.  Visit our recital page to learn more.

Ensemble Practice

Getting students ready for recitals in duets, trios, quartets, quintets, sextets .....you get the picture. 

Student Image Gallery

We have made a lot of memories here at Columbia Guitar Studio.  Our gallery pages capture a lot of the great ones along the way.  Visit our student photo galleries.