Experienced Guitarists

Experienced players come a wide array of habits and assumptions that need to be communicated and discussed before they are ready to move forward.  That's why we start with a free consultation, letting each of our students get comfortable, get answers, and most of all learn to have fun learning to play guitar.

  • Schedule a free consultation
  • Selecting the right guitar
  • Understand the students goals
  • The Columbia Guitar Studio philosophy
  • Get started

Listen for yourself

We feel the best way to show off our studio and what we accomplish here is for you to listen for yourself.  Below is a video of one of our young guitarists who is following the same principals as you will soon be applying.  We are so proud of our students and love to show them off when ever we can.


Schedule a free consultation

We recommend for all of our experienced players setup a free consultation.  It allows us to get to know them, their interests and their concerns and fears.  David helps construct a plan of action for taking their playing to the next level . Setting up a free consultation is as easy as picking up the phone (410-730-0092) or emailing us at ColumbiaGuitar@aol.com.  As you can imagine, CGS has an active schedule teaching students, so scheduling is required and we don't allow walk-ins.

Understanding the Columbia Guitar Studio philosophy

David is a professional guitarist with decades of experience.  Over the years he has tried and tested many methods of teaching the guitar.  Today he enjoys teaching his philosophy that concentrates on proper technique, note reading, and playing in ensembles and recitals.  Obviously there is much more to his proven principles, but you'll be able to see and hear how effective they are yourself.  Read David's testimonials and reviews, and visit his student pages to get a feel of what Columbia Guitar Studio is all about.  

Setting goals

David works with each student, setting both short and long term goals.  Setting goals help setup students for success and build confidence.  As they reach each milestone you can see their self confidence and guitar playing improve.   It really is amazing to watch each student grow in their own direction and achieve things they never felt were possible.  David works with both the students and parents in setting achievable goals that are both challenging but attainable.

Get started

As we mentioned above, we highly recommend scheduling an initial consultation.  Give us a call at 410-740-0092 or email David at ColumbiaGuitar@aol.com