What to Expect

Most of our new students haven't got a clue about what to expect when they are beginning their lessons  So if you are nervous or anxious, don't be, because everyone else is as well.  Hopefully some of my tips below will help you get a sense for what we do at Columbia Guitar Studio.

What happens at CGS?

  • Patient and clear teaching of technique, musicianship, and repertoire
  • Weekly take home instructions and e-mail support if questions pop up
  • Practice strategies and a guitar-dedicated studio to encourage your practice
  • Performance opportunities
  • Facetime flexibility

What doesn't happens at CGS?

  • No contracts (Stop when you want)
  • Registration Fees
  • Recital Fees
  • Require recital performances

To get started

Schedule an initial consultation.  Give us a call at 410-730-0092 or email David at ColumbiaGuitar@aol.com.