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This Could be the Start of Something Small

“I just want to have fun playing guitar,” he said to me thirty years ago, then pressed the button. I sat in his living room floating in a cloud of cigar smoke in a row house behind the High School I attended. The overweight mailman sat in his underwear with his old guitar lying against the dinning room table. Bad music came out of the cassette player. Real bad. It was his real bad music.
Mr. mailman was afraid of playing for me so he recorded his pieces for the lesson and let me hear the mistakes on tape. I realized that there was more than just stage fright -there was also apparently living room fright as well and we were both experiencing it simultaneously.

I got the feeling that one of my first guitar students preferred to tape himself playing more than practice. Getting down to business of practice can be tricky business. Of course, the whole reason for practice is just play. I hope don’t practice tomorrow but I hope you play a whole lot. I also hope your attempt at expanding your guitar time today will lead to the start of something small -a small amount of extra time effortlessly tacked on to your daily guitar sessions.

Let’s hear about your experience with the guitar today. Your experience could mean a lot to someone out there who thought they were the only one who ...

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